Climate Ambassador Podcast Series

Subscribe and listen as we chat about all things climate change, while exploring overlaps into many other areas of our lives, such as agriculture, food, transport, biodiversity, well-being and much more, with expert guest speakers on each episode.

So if you are just at the beginning of exploring the topics or are a seasoned pro, we hope you will always take away a few nuggets of info with you, and be inspired to change one thing.

Podcast 1 – An introduction to climate change and the Climate Ambassador programme

Gary and Amy chat about climate change and give an outline of what the Climate Ambassador programme is all about.

During this first podcast of the series, they offer plenty of insights about the causes, effects and most importantly the solutions to climate change, how the Climate Ambassador programme is playing it’s part and with lots of suggestions for you to take into your own life.

Podcast 2 – Agriculture, Farming in Ireland & Climate Change 

Gary and Amy chat with Dr James Moran (GMIT) and then head over to Moy Hill Farm to chat with regenerative farmer Fergal Smith.

In this second episode, we cover a wide range of topics including Farming For Nature and how it can reward farmers for providing ecosystem services. We hear about regenerative farming and how it works to build healthy soil. High Nature Value farmland is discussed and how it can be farmed at low intensity to suport biodiversity. Among the other topics discussed are CAP, Farm2Fork, sustainable production and consumption and how farmers can help with flood mitigation measures.

Podcast 3 – Food in Ireland & Climate Change 

In this third episode, Gary and Amy head to the kitchen to chat with food writer and enterpeneur Michelle Darmody and director of Food Space Conor Spacey.

We cover a wide range of foodie topics including the relationship between food and climate change. Keeping it all culinary, Michelle and Conor chat about zero waste, sustainable food systems and food miles within their businesses and offer food for thought to us as consumers. We also hear about food waste and what we can all do to help prevent it, with lots of other sustainable food tips and tricks shared that we can bring into our own daily lives.

Podcast 4 – Historical Connections to Climate Change 

Releasing this fourth episode just before the Christmas break, Gary and Amy go back in time to chat with Professor Conor Murphy, Department of Geography at Maynooth University and Professor Francis Ludlow, Department of Medieval Environmental History, Trinity College Dublin.

Covering a wide range of time, we look at ice ages, what causes them and aren’t we due another one? How did industrialisation of the West have an impact on our climate, historical extreme weather events and what lessons can we learn from the past. As always, we seek out the messages of hope, take away nuggest of wisdom and a call to action for everyone.

Podcast 5 – Sustainable Planning 

Starting the new year with this fifth episode, we pause, to reflect what is going on at present with rural and urban planning, particularly with the pandemic in our midst, to chat with Niall Cussen, Office of the Planning Regulator (OPR) and Jane Hackett, Manager of both Green-Schools Travel and the Climate Ambassador Programme.

We discuss concepts like the 15 Minute City, Doughnut Economics, while also chatting about sustainable transport options and looking into the future, to find out what a sustainable Ireland might look like for our everyday lives, as we go about living in our urban and rural settings. Both speakers provide lots of solutions and give a positive outlook about where we are headed as a country.